Automatic Marine Engine Shutdown Systems

Automatic Marine Engine Shutdown

Required for Diesel Engines Automatic engine shutdown equipment

Compressed gas suppressants and HFC-227ea will not stall a diesel engine.

If fire breaks out aboard a diesel powered vessel, the engine(s) must be shut down immediately for the Fireboy fire extinguisher system to effectively extinguish the fire.

Continued engine operation may remove the agent, lowering the concentration required to effectively extinguish the fire, making an Engine Shutdown System necessary.

Additional Information

NOTE: Each system includes two (2) individual relays for propulsion engines for redundancy.

Engine Shutdown Manual and Installation (ESC Series)

Engine Shutdown Manual and Installation (ES / ELS Series)

Engine Shutdown Model Selection Chart

Other accessories

First Select from the Three Series Available:

ESC Series:

Featuring an ISO 54 Enclosure, internal terminals, heyco wire connectors, along with a see thru cover to easy observe circuit board mounted L.E.D.’s which indicate circuit board and Fireboy Extinguisher status, or that a fault condition exists. Non-energized relays. A combination of models including 6, 8, and 10 circuits. Select from a combination of relays; 30 amp, (operating range 100mA to 30amp), 10amp, (operating range 100mA to 10 amp) and 2 amp gold plated relays, (operating range 10uA to 2 amps).

All ESC models operate on Multi-Voltage 12/24/32 VDC

All models come with a square grey Waterproof Membrane Touch Switch featuring multi-colored and dimmable L.E.D.’s for the helm station with override function.

ELS Series:

Engine circuit relays feature an operating range of 10uA to 2 amps. Auxiliary relays have an operating range of 100mA to 10 amps for the shutdown of generators, dampers, louvers, and other types of related engine room equipment.

All ELS models are 12/24/32 VDC compatible with a choice of either a round or square helm display.

Combination of 2 amp gold plated relays for low current equipment and electronic engines, plus standard 10 amp relays.

ES Series:

Available for shutting down up to eight circuits with engine circuit relays featuring an operating range of 100mA to 10 amps. Available in either 12VDC or 24VDC models.

The 24VDC models are designed to work on multi-voltage engines and equipment installations.

The ES model comes with a choice of either a round or square helm station display.

Each engine shutdown display unit comes with an integrated alarm horn, charged / discharged lights and an override switch for restart or control of auto-shutdown. Additional units and wire harnesses are available for a second station.