Propane Solenoid Valve Control C-1

C-1 propane solenoid controller

12 VDC operation.

Display size is 4.75″ x 3.75″ x 7/8″

Available in black.

Includes one SV-1 1/4″ solenoid valve.



The C-1 is a simple solenoid valve control that features an “ON/OFF” and LED that illuminates when the solenoid valve is open.


The system is calibrated at 20% LEL (lower explosive limit) to eliminate most nuisance alarms while allowing enough time to take action.

The solenoid valve is normally closed and must have power applied to open it.

Mount the solenoid valve on the tank side of the regulator for LPG installations.


C-1 Installation and Operations Manual

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Solenoid valve control w/ON-OFF switch with solenoid valve

$187.73 US

Specifications subject to change without notice.