Commercial Detectors

Analog Addressable Smoke and Heat Detectors

UL Listed and USCG Type Approved

Engineered for Analog
Addressable Fire Detection Systems, Fireboy’s Elite RSM
Fire Detection Monitors will accommodate up to 126 smoke
or heat detectors per loop.

Smoke and heat detectors do not come standard with mounting bases.
Mounting bases to be ordered separately.



Elite RSM Fire Alarm Control Product Sheet
Elite Networking
Analog Addressable Serial Annunciator
Single Action Addressable Pull Station
Explosion Proof Addressable Pull Stations
Wall Mount Horn/Strobe
24V Low Profile Evacuation Outdoor Horn/Strobe
Multi-Tone Strobe
Multi Flex Sounder Base
12 Ah Battery
Discovery Ionization Smoke Sensor
Discovery Photoelectric Smoke Sensor
Discovery Heat Detector
Discovery Multisensor Detector
Mini Monitor Module
4” Mounting Base
Isolating Base
Low Power Relay Base
Deckhead Mounting Box
Sounder Beacon Base
Discovery Open Area Sounder Beacon
Sounder Control Module
Relay Output Module

NOTE: Analog Addressable Smoke and Heat Detectors not available online.

Please contact Fireboy at 616-735-9380 for a distributor near you.