GA Fire Extinguisher

Large Capacity Automatic / Manual Fire Extinguisher GA Series


Designed for larger boats and yachts

Protection from 1501 cu. ft. to 3000 cu. ft.

Pre-engineered, total flooding system

Patented two-cylinder linked system design

Custom manufactured to order

No water or powdery residue

3-Year Limited Warranty

USCG, Factory Mutual, ISO RINA, Bureau Veritas Approved


Fireboy’s GA link allows faster and easier installation with double check-valve quick-connects. This is the first pre-engineered system approved by the USCG for volumes over 1500 cu. ft.

Additional Information

GA Series Product Sheet

GA Series Design Guide Form


USCG Approval – GA Series

Engine Room Volume Worksheet – Complex Hull

Engine Room Volume Worksheet – Simple Hull


GA Link Worksheets:

GA-LK-XX-XX-XX-3D Worksheet

GA-LK-XX-XX-XX-SS-2D Worksheet

GA-LK-XX-XX-XX-SS-4D Worksheet

GA-LK-XX-XX-XX-4D Worksheet

GA Series Model / Size reference chart

GA Series Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide

HFC-227ea MSDS


The Fireboy GA Series is a patented, pre-engineered total flooding fire extinguishing system for protecting larger boats with engine rooms from 1501 cubic feet to 3000 cubic feet.


Each system includes:

Twin extinguisher cylinders

Flexible braided stainless steel hosing

Two overhead temperature sensors

Fire-resistant manual release cables

Engine shutdown



Four temperature sensors monitor the engine room temperature 24 hours per day. Two of the temperature sensors are located on the manifold blocks of the cylinders. The remaining two temperature sensors are installed above the engines and are linked to the extinguisher cylinders with the flexible hosing.

When the engine room temperature reaches 175°F (79°C) at any of the four temperature sensors, the system will completely discharge the clean agent HFC-227ea in less than 10 seconds to successfully extinguish the fire. No residue is left behind.

To prevent accidental discharge during shipping and installation, each system is fitted with a patented safety-lock poppet valve. Installation is less costly and less time consuming compared to engineered systems protecting the same volume.

Additionally, no costly third-party certification is required; all certifications are done directly through Fireboy.


USCG, Factory Mutual, RINA and Bureau Veritas approved.

Each GA Series system is fitted with a “GA Link” which is flexible, braided 316 stainless-steel hosing with double check valve quick-connect couplings for easy attachment/detachment to the cylinder valve.

When the system is armed, the link is highly pressurized. If the temperature reaches 175°F (79°C) at any of the four temperature sensors, a drop in pressure occurs, triggering discharge of the system.

The flexibility of the GA Link allows for easier installation.

No complex piping is required as with many engineered CO2 systems, making the GA Series a viable alternative to more costly and labor intensive systems.


Installation Photos  (Click to enlarge.)

Photos courtesy of Pacific Mariner.


NOTE: Fire extinguisher systems not available online.
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