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Equipment for detecting Gasoline Fuel Fumes

Xintex® manufactures and sells vapor-detection instruments to provide positive vapor detection before trouble can develop!

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Gasoline fumes in a bilge or engine compartment, with or without a blower fan, have the potential to be a serious risk at any time.


First, because fuel leaks create new fumes as rapidly as the blower clears old fumes away. With the fan off, the hazard is increased.

Second, the blower fan is typically operating prior to engine start-up, thus offering no protection from the ignition of fumes be electrical short circuit, battery hydrogen explosion, smoking or their causes.

Xintex offers a full line of gas detectors and accessories to match your specific needs.


Gasoline Fume Detectors:


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Gas Fume Detectors Description

M-1-R Single channel gasoline fume detector with plug-in sensor.
MB-1-R Features of above M-1-R, plus 10 amp relay to automatically start bilge blower fan.
M-2A-R Two-channel gasoline fume detector with plug-in sensors, fault light alarm.
MB-2-R Features of above M-2A-R, plus an automatic bilge blower control.

Gasoline Fume Detector Accessories:

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Gas Fume Detector Assessories

MS-2 Gasoline & Propane Sensor Quick disconnect sensor with 12″ lead and 20′ sensor cable.
CNV-12-1 Voltage Reducer When you need 12 VDC and onboard supplies 24 or 32 VDC.
RH-1 Loud Horn 85 db output.
MB30-RLY Auxiliary Relay 30 amp for extra heavy loads.

Specifications subject to change without notice.