MA2 Fire Extinguisher

Manual / Automatic Discharge Fire Extinguisher MA2 Series

Protects engine rooms and machinery spaces up to 1500 cubic feet

Pre-engineered, total flooding system

The safest way to combat an engine room fire

Automatic discharge at 175°F (79°C) with optional manual release
With HFC-227ea – effective Halon replacement clean agent

No water or powdery residue

Includes stainless steel mounting brackets and 2″ L.E.D. panel

3-Year Limited Warranty


MA2 Series extinguisher listings and approvals:



MCA Certified

PED BV Final

Bureau Veritas

Factory Mutual

Additional Information

CG2/MA2 HFC-227ea Owner’s Manual

HFC-227ea MSDS

MA2 Model / Size reference chart

Engine Room Volume Worksheet – Complex Hull

Engine Room Volume Worksheet – Simple Hull

Selecting Your System

1. Determine the volume of your engine compartment in cubic feet or cubic meters, L x W x H. Do NOT deduct for engines, fixed tanks, or other equipment.

2. Choose your model from the
Model/Size Chart.

Example: MA2-950-227 = automatic discharge with optional manual discharge, 950 cubic feet coverage.

NOTE: When in doubt, always select the larger model size for adequate protection.

3. Determine the length of Manual Release Cable needed to easily reach from the fire extinguisher to the main helm station.

WARNING: Diesel-powered craft require installation of an
Engine Shutdown

Optional Fire
Extinguisher Accessories

NOTE: Fire
extinguisher systems not available online.
Please contact Fireboy at 616-735-9380 for a
distributor near you.