Marine Carbon Monoxide Detector End Of Life

Marine Carbon Monoxide Detectors: The Pending “End of Life Alarm” is Happening Soon.

Out of our absolute commitment to boater comfort and safety, we at Fireboy-Xintex would like to remind you how important it is to have and maintain a Carbon Monoxide Detector on board in any marine environment. Wherever fossil-fueled equipment (engine, generator, gasoline engine, diesel, etc.) is in use, it will produce Carbon Monoxide as a natural byproduct.

Carbon Monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. The only way to know if you or your guests are at risk is with a Carbon Monoxide Detector. Our products are built to meet all UL 2034 Marine Safety Standards, and designed to operate in extreme and harsh marine environments such as salt spray, humidity, and severe temperatures. Your home and RV detectors are not subject to the same standards as marine carbon monoxide detectors.


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Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL for short), instituted a mandate approximately five years ago, outlining the End of Life Standard for Carbon Monoxide Detectors to protect users from the danger of boat operation without accurate means of detecting this potentially deadly gas. The first of this series of Carbon Monoxide Detectors were shipped from Fireboy-Xintex to our boat builders, dealers, and retailers in March of 2010, meaning their five-year expiration date is drawing near. We wish to advise you of what to expect with this mandate, and how to proceed to ensure that you and your guests breathe easy during this year, and the next five years to come.  

Approximately five years after activation, your Fireboy-Xintex Carbon Monoxide Detector will enter the EOL (End of Life) phase of its existence, beginning at 4 years and 11 months.

  There will be both an audible (intermittent beep once every 30 seconds) and visual (green LED will switch to “off,” red LED “on”) component to this alarm. During this initial flagging period, depressing the Test/Silence button on the right side of the detector will silence the alarms for three (3) days at a time. This alarm feature is designed to remind the owner that it is time to replace the detector, before its five-year life span expires. Once the detector has reached its five-year threshold, the detector will shift to an alarm that cannot be manually silenced. At this point, a new Fireboy-Xintex Carbon Monoxide Detector will need to be purchased.   According to the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)’s industry standards for safety, a carbon monoxide detector must be installed by manufacturer on all gasoline powered boats over 26′ with cuddy or sleeping accommodations. Additional detectors are required in common spaces aboard as well. The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) has also mandated that this be part of their certification process.  

Fireboy-Xintex has two models of Carbon Monoxide Detectors available.

  Model CMD-4MR-RLY has six wires coming out of the back panel and model CMD-4MR has two wires coming out of the back panel. See the photo above for easy identification of your carbon monoxide detector.   If you would like to locate the age of your Carbon Monoxide Detector, there are manufacture dates and End of Life dates printed on a label attached to the underside of the front cover. An additional label may be located on the blue horn on the circuit board. See photos below.


Manufacture and End of Life Dates on a Label Attached to the Underside of the Front Panel


Manufacture and End of Life Dates on a Label Attached to the Blue Horn on the Circuit Board


To open the front cover (see enclosed diagrams), push in from bottom and the cover should release. Replacement circuit boards are available, and can be installed by removing the molded Molex connector, and sliding it onto the new circuit board. If replacing the circuit board, the old cover must be replaced with a new one, in addition to the board. In accordance with safety standards, there is no way to remove the EOL alarm, or prevent it from sounding during this cycle. Full installation instructions will be supplied with current replacement units. The back panel may either be replaced, or used with the new detector.

For over 45 years, Fireboy-Xintex has been innovating and providing marine quality safety products. As the leading Marine Safety Products supplier, we are committed to providing the ultimate in safety, and understand and comply fully with the necessary testing and verification processes required to meet government and regulatory agency’s approval. We maintain these high standards and will continue to do so to insure our customers have received the best possible product for its intended purpose.

Thank you so much for your time and attention to this matter, and enjoy the season!