Gasoline Fume Detector MB-1-R


MB-1-R gas fume detector

In addition to gas fumes, the MB-1-R can also detect high concentrations of battery hydrogen or engine exhaust.

Indicator lamp automatically increases in brightness during daylight and softens at night.

Available in black.

Previously model # MB-1



An ideal single channel gasoline fume detector, the MB-1-R features high-tech styling, compact size, circuitry test and alarm horn mute functions. Standard two-inch display unit with gasoline sensor and twenty feet of plug-together lead.

The MB-1-R adds a 10 amp relay to automatically start the bilge blower fan should gasoline fumes be detected.


Installation requires only the addition of two wire leads from the control to the blower switch. To test, simply touch the test pad on the control: the red alert lamp will glow, the alarm horn will sound and the blower motor will start.

The system works with power requirements of up to ten amps at 12 VDC.  Blowers up to 30 amps require the external relay, MB30-RLY.


MB-1-R Gasoline Fume Detector Owners Manual and Installation Instructions






2″ Gasoline fume detector with

Automatic bilge blower activation



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